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1 Rose NEW Signature Little Bloom Box

1 Eternal rose Signature Little Bloom box with white label.

Our New Signature “Little Bloom box”- this little gem has 6 sides forming a beautiful hexagon giving it a classy but also modern look! This little box measures approximately 7cm x 7cm. All boxes in this model come with a pearl base.
Choose from solid or multicoloured roses. Additional decorative pearls are available.

Customize your options below:


White +
Champagne +
Beige +
Peach +
Yellow +
Grey +
Light Blue +
Rustic Blue +
Turquoise +
Tiffany +
Royal Blue +
Ocean Blue +
Purple Haze +
Light Purple +
Smokey Dawn +
Cream Mauve +
Violet +
Dark Purple +
Dusty Pink +
Light Pink +
Pink +
Fuschia +
Red +
Wine Red +
Girl +
Love Craft +
Dream +
Shy Girl +
Scarlet +
Black +
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Additional information


Blue, Light Blue, White, Red, Light Pink, Pink, Orchid, Magenta, Mauve, Deep Mauve, Light Purple, Beige, Grey, Periwinkle, Tiffany, Violet, Peach, Fuchsia, Black, Navy Blue, Green, Brown, Love Craft, Unicorn, Popsicle, Cotton Candy, Girl, Purple Haze