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Terms & Conditions

* Upon completion of your order, an email confirmation will be sent once product availability and payment have been received and verified.

*Once you have placed your order you will receive a confirmation email.  Sometimes settings of your inbox may reject our email and it may go straight to the Junk email box. Please check there.  For any reason that you still do not see an email confirmation please assume your order has been accepted.  We will contact you via phone if your order CANNOT be completed.

* All orders must be placed at least 72 hours prior to scheduled pick up time. Please email us for exception inquiries. All emails will receive a response within 24 hours.

* We currently offer local pick-up for our products. The pick-up location is:
Blush Nail Bar
2-1020 Islington Ave
Etobicoke, ON
M8Z 6A4

* Due to the fragile nature of our products, we do not offer postal shipping at this time.

* We are currently offering delivery service to all of Toronto and the surrounding area for a flat rate of $18. Please indicate your desired drop-off date/time when checking out, if choosing delivery. We will TRY our best to accommodate your requested time. (If no one is there to receive the package, The Little Bloom Box will be left at the door; We are not responsible for unattended deliveries.)  If need be, we can also provide proof of delivery as we do photograph all of our packages at the delivery location when no one is there to receive it.  Once dropped off, we are not liable or responsible for unattended deliveries.  Please keep this in mind, or alternatively choose pick up as your delivery option.

* Delivery times indicated is NOT guaranteed. We will try our best to meet your request.  All deliveries will be made on the selected day for delivery by end of day. Deliveries can be made anytime from 10am-9:30pm as we serve one of the largest delivering areas. Deliveries in the Greater Toronto Area  but outside of Toronto will be delivered on the day selected or up to 24 hours before the selected date (generally areas 30 + Km from downtown Toronto). This is due to the large area that we cover for GTA deliveries. But no worries! Your delivery will arrive by the selected date by end of day (unless informed otherwise).

*Weather permitting, we will deliver your package on the day that you have selected for delivery. For unforeseen weather conditions, we may deliver your order prior to the date selected to ensure you will receive it in time. 

* Cancelled deliveries are accepted but NOT refunded.  If delivery is chosen and you change your mind to pick up  your order instead, you will still be charged the delivery fee.  We have a third party delivering company that does the deliveries.  Once you place an order and choose delivery as an option and decide to cancel, we still have to pay the deliverers.  Please make a decision and stick to it to avoid any issues.

* No deliveries will be made before 10am

* The Little Bloom Box reserves the right to replace any unavailable rose with another of similar color of the same or of greater value.

* We reserve the right to changes prices without notice.

* Once an order has been placed it can no longer be changed due to high volumes. As all orders are made right away and are not changeable.

* All orders are non changeable, non refundable. Any change exceptions will be subject to an additional fee.

* We do not guarantee the longevity of the roses due to various conditions that may alter its beauty. However, we are happy to replace roses that have withered within 2 months of purchase with original receipt.

* All products must be picked up with the original purchase receipt. Orders must be picked up within 3 months (90 days from chosen pick up date) or will be discarded and no refunds will be issued.

* We gladly accept all customized orders based on availability. We recommend that you submit any customized requests 3-4 weeks in advance for your satisfaction. Please feel free to email us at with your customization requests. We are happy to make your Bloom Box special!

* Roses may not appear exactly as they appear on product images due to lighting, slight variances in colouring, or natural occurrences. For any reason you are unhappy with your blooms or product(s) we are happy to give you an exchange for the same product in replacement. We have an all sales final policy. No refunds will be issued in any circumstances. 

*Bloom bears are not customizable as this product is seasonal and different selections are made for each season.

* Roses are not meant to be taken out of the box as they are fragile and like fresh roses can fall apart when touched. Roses are not to be watered.

* Because of the nature of our roses being treated to last. They are not fragranced as this will take away from the longevity of the roses.

* Our roses are real roses. And naturally no two roses will be exactly the same in size. Slight variances in size and colour is normal. We cannot guarantee any two roses to be exactly the same in your arrangements. Slight differences are normal.

*Roses are real roses that have been through a preservation process.  This process involves the roses being dried, therefore the roses will appear dry and sometimes the edges seem slightly wrinkly or cracked.  This is absolutely normal.  Please remember these roses are not fresh and because they are natural there is no such thing as a perfect rose.  Petals, sizes, colours, edges will always be different one rose to another.  If you want a rose that is 100% perfect unfortunately a long lasting preserved rose is not suitable for you.  Please keep an open mind when purchasing.

* Our roses are real rose heads that are glued to a plastic faux stem. Because the rose heads can be heavy and may require more glue, this may cause the glue to slightly run. This is absolutely normal. Too little glue placed can also cause the rose heads to fall off.

*Our roses have been preserved and dyed to further intensify the colour vibrancy of our product. Vibrant colour saturations will bleed onto other roses with lighter hues. Please take this into consideration when selecting your arrangement.

* All orders are non-refundable.

*Orders above $300 are only accepted via Pick up option due to the nature of our business being online based.  We also do not accept out of province orders.  

*We reserve the right to serve at a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. Your order is not confirmed or guaranteed yours until your payment as been received.  Please create urgency when purchasing as our products sell out very quickly.

RUSH Orders

Please email us for rush order inquiries.  All of our orders require 3 days to be put together.  If you need it earlier, please email us.  If your order is accepted, we charge a $15 fee for all rush orders.

Liquid Gold Blooms

Our Liquid Gold blooms are special blooms that have been treated to last and have been dipped in metallic paint to achieve their shiny beautiful texture. Because these blooms have been dipped in paint they may chip and shatter. This is normal. Please keep this in mind when choosing these blooms.

The Little Pearl Bears

Our Little Pearl Bears are the most elegant bears ever! These bears are made of faux pearls that are placed intricately together by HAND! Having said that, these pearl bears are absolutely gorgeous display pieces and make lavish gifts.  Because they are hand made, they are in no way perfect.  We use a large amount of glue to have the pearls stay in its form and sometimes you can see the glue.  This is absolutely normal as if too little glue is used the pearls may fall off and we don’t want that.  In the event that some pearls may fall off, please let us know! We will be happy to send you new pearls that you can replace yourself.  Please keep these details in mind before purchasing. ***Please read our Pearl Bears terms and conditions carefully before purchasing***

Forever Bloom Bears 

Our Forever Bloom bears are called “Forever” because it is made out of handmade faux foam roses. Placed intricately together to form a Bear.  Please be advised that these roses are glued on to form the bear.  They are fragile and sometimes the flowers may fall off if touched or in transit.  You can glue back these flowers by using a hot glue gun (a very small amount of glue is enough).  We do not recommend touching the bears frequently or playing with it.  These bears are solely for display purposes only.  

Deco Balloons

* Our Deco balloons are a great add on to your order as an extra “WOW” factor to your gift! The Deco Balloons are made by The Mini Balloons. You can add a customized message to your balloons and they are available in two big sizes! 18 inch and 24 inch. All balloons are customized according to your order. Please make sure all text inputted is correct as we will make it according to your order and colour choices. All orders once made are Non- exchangeable and non- refundable.

Please note: Our 18 inch balloons do not float due to its small size.  Our 24 inch balloons do float.

* Generally the balloons last 1-5 days. Day 1 – for best visual shape and appearance of our balloons. Depends on size, material, shape, temperature, our balloons last for at least 3 days and wordings will eventually bubble. They’re balloons, after all! 🙂

*Balloons placed for Pick up, and are not picked up on the day of will deflate in time. Please pick up your balloons on the day you schedule your pick up.  We are not responsible for balloons that have deflated after the pick up date. Choose your pick up date with discretion.

* Our customers’ safety comes first: The Mini balloons are filled with 100% non-flammable Helium gas.

*When adding LED lights to the balloons, please be advised that this may weigh down the balloon and in some cases the balloon may not float.  Please consider this when adding LED lights

* You can find pictures and further descriptions of the services offered here:

*The Mini balloons are NOT included in any sales. When using the discount codes please do not add balloons to your order.  All orders with code and balloons will be rejected.

*Once your balloon has been delivered or picked up, we are no longer responsible for the state of your balloon or any occurrences there after (Such as you popping it).  If you order your balloon for pick up and do not pick up your balloon on the date that you have chosen, we are not responsible for the deflation of your balloon.  Please pick up your balloon on time.

*Surprise Box – contains mini balloons and a helium deco balloon inside.  Because of the nature of this product, you must pick up your surprise box within 3 days of your chosen pick up date or your item will be discarded without refund.  We do this to protect the quality of the product that is made for you.  Your balloons will no longer float nor will it be in its beautiful state if you do not pick it up on time (balloons will float only up to 3 days).  If you cannot ensure that you pick it up within a 3 days time span from the date you choose for pick up please select delivery instead to receive your item in its most beautiful state.


* Macarons are produced and sold by BY JACOB macarons.

* Currently we offer boxes of 12 BY JACOB macarons for $22.00 with any order from Flavours included are: Vanilla (white), Strawberry (pink), Red Velvet (red), Earl Grey (purple).

* Macaron orders must be picked up on the date chosen for pick up for freshness (if selecting local pick-up). We can not guarantee the quality of the macarons if picked up after the chosen pick-up date selected during checkout.

*Macarons are best ordered for delivery to ensure freshness if you are unable to pick up your order the date that you have selected for pick up

* For full terms and conditions for BY JACOB macarons, please visit


Vinyl Impression and other  Terms and Conditions

* All our custom vinyl impressions are a self-adhesive vinyl. Once placed onto our bloom box, it cannot be removed.

* All custom vinyl orders must be ordered at least 3 days in advance of delivery or pick-up (no last minute orders are accepted)

* The Little Bloom box reserves the right to alter prices without notice. Quantity discounts will be considered on request but not guaranteed.

* Application of vinyl: due to the nature of the vinyl impression, any damages to the vinyl impression after it has been delivered to the customer (peels off, discolouration, water damages etc) are strictly used at the sole risk of the customer. The Little Bloom box is not liable in any circumstances and will not be compensated, whether monetary or otherwise.

* We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.

* All custom vinyl content must be positive and non-explicit. The Little Bloom box reserves the right to refuse any orders deemed inappropriate.

* We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the service without notice.

*Orders not picked up within the times indicated will be discarded and not refunded as all orders are not refundable/changeable. No exceptions.

* We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors and images of our products that appear on the website. We cannot guarantee that your computer monitor’s display of any color will be accurate.

* It is the responsibility of the client to check for spelling errors and message content before submitting your custom vinyl order. The Little Bloom box will not be responsible for any content errors that is submitted by the customer.

* The text submitted by the customer will be applied exactly the way it is submitted by the customer, this includes capital, lower case or punctuations. Once the vinyl work has been made it cannot be changed or replaced. Replacement options may be offered for an additional cost to the customer.

* All custom vinyl work is made right away after we receive the customer order. Cancellations or changes are not accepted after we receive any order.

* The Little Bloom box reserves the right to alter the vinyl size to accurately fit the box. Pictures provided as examples of the vinyl work may be slightly different as the vinyl impressions are all hand made.

* All orders discussed between The Little Bloom box and the customer is only guaranteed once we have accepted and received full payment from the customer.

* All custom vinyl prints will be placed on the left side panel of the lid.

* Examples of placement/colours can be seen below (click for larger versions) or via this video: