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Eternal Bouquet (Customizable)

The Customizable Eternal Floral Bouquet

This Bouquet has been frequently requested by our customers and finally has made its appearance!
This Bouquet will be made of preserved flowers and dried foliages. You can choose the colours of the roses that will be included in the bouquet (up to 4 colours and up to 4 roses). The corresponding folaiges and wrapping paper colours will be chosen by us. We will make sure the colours of the wrapping paper and foliages go well with the rose colours you have chosen.

If you have a specific request in mind for the foliages and wrapping paper you can request it and we will try our best to include your request. Your request will be considered but not guaranteed as it will also be based on our availability.

For example: You choose red, pink and white roses. We will pick foliages and paper that goes well with these colours.

You can request in the “Order Notes” box at check out:
Example: “Please include gold hues in wrapping paper” – we will try our best to include that request.

Bouquets all come in a clear PVC box (you can also choose to have a vinyl message on the box for an additional $8) Making it such a lavish gift for display. Florals if removed from the PVC box and displayed out in the open may last up to ONE year. If it stays enclosed in the PVC box it may last up to 2 years. Our preserved florals when exposed to dust and open air will wither sooner.

Bouquet foliages can include hydrangeas, carnations, cotton, palm leaves etc. THIS WILL VARY BASE ON AVAILABILTY and SUITABILITY. Please keep in mind when ordering this bouquet that bouquets may not look exactly like another.

Bouquet size is approximately: 40 cm tall and 25 cm wide. Each rose is approximately 5-6cm in diameter.


Choose the colour of your roses *

You can pick up to 4 colours

Special requests:

For example: "Please include gold hues in wrapping paper"

Would you like a vinyl message on the box? *

For example their name "Melissa" can be vinyled on the box for +$8 - will appear in GOLD Vinyl


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