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Mini Balloon (Single Balloon)

Perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries, or Holidays!


Here you can order our fabulous Mini Balloon with customized options to suit your occasion.


Please indicate what kind of design you want in the order notes. For example : girly, princess theme, cupcake, birthday cake, sports (indicate what sport), classy style, for a kid etc. ***Please be specific*** For example, requesting for a romantic theme for a male is not specific. We need details like add hearts, kissing doves etc.  Everyones taste is different so please give exact details of what you want so we can create your vision.  All balloons will come in a plastic balloon bag upon delivery.

Design requests can be honoured if the design is generic. For example ” I would like hearts, and a cake with italic writing”.  However, please note when your request for the design becomes more complicated like ” I want the entire Coco melon family on the balloon” we may charge you additional charges depending on the design. If here are additional charges we will reach out to you for confirmation.

The 20 inch balloon will only come with a bow underneath the big balloon.

If not, the design will be decided by us and you cannot change, alter the design. ***All sales are final.


All balloons will only include ONE vinyl colour for your balloon (the colour you choose).  If you need it to have many colours, prices may differ. Please email to inquire.

Follow the instructions below to add your balloon styles. For further instructions and details about The Mini Balloon, click here.

You now also have the option to add a bunch of 7 matching floating latex balloons to your order for only $15

Please note that latex balloons bunch will only float 1-3 days

Choose the size for your balloon: *

What would you like underneath the balloon? *

20 inch balloon only comes with a ribbon underneath

Add a bunch of matching latex balloons: *

Bunch of 7 matching floating latex balloons


What filling would you like inside your Mini Balloon?
Balloons Inside +
White latex balloon +
Confetti Inside +
Add Macarons (10-Count) from By Jacob? +
Add a Unique Greeting Card by Pretty In Pink? +
Leave a message for the lucky recipient! This is printed on a small note card (max 50 characters)

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs