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Mini Bubble Bouquet

Perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries, and celebrations!

Mini’s are just as fabulous!

Now, to add to the “Wow” factor this gorgeous balloon can come wrapped as a bouquet! Something they can keep for days! An all in one solution of a bouquet, card and balloon in ONE!

This Mini Bubble Bouquet is just adorable in size! And adding to the “wow” factor it comes with confetti inside and real eternal foliages to compliment the bouquet.


  1. Bouquet can be made in 3 colour schemes: Purple (like main product picture). pink and black/white/gold.  Please make sure you pick your color.
  2. You can also add a NAME to the balloon as well for the recipient.
  3. Option to choose filling: please ONLY select Balloons inside. This is a preset option that we cannot remove but your balloon will be filled with confetti like picture
  4. Add a customized text: input N/A as you already input the name in step #2
  5. Choose the font colour you want on the balloon (please choose colour keeping in mind the theme of the balloon you just selected)
  6. Add LED lights: select NO (this balloon is too small for lights
  7. Macarons: select if you want to add macarons
  8. Greeting card: select if you want to add greeting card
  9. Add to cart

Balloon is approximately 15cm in size. Bouquet with balloon is approximately 30cm.  Just like all balloons they are filled with air and will gradually deflate. These babies can last anywhere from 3-10 days.


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Weight 3 lbs