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The Surprise Box (box only, balloon not included)

The Surprise box is the key to that “Oh My Gosh, WOW” moment!


Our surprise box is a customizable box that you can place a message in front of the box as well as on the balloon inside the box (if you add one).

A creative way to create that memorable moment for the ones you love along with sending a meaningful message.

A balloon or a small bear can be added to the inside of the box (this is additional).

Message example: Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Will you marry me?


Special Order instructions:

When placing an order for our surprise box please note that this order is ONLY FOR THE BOX.  If you would like to add a Deco balloon inside the box please custom and add the balloon of your choice below.

PLEASE CHOOSE a 24 inch balloon! The 18 inch will NOT float!

When you order the Surprise box, this will include the design in front of the box only.  When you check out and proceed with your order please be specific on the design you want on the box, for example: Classy style for female, Classy style for male, Kids birthday, Princess Theme, Cupcake, Birthday Cake etc.  If you do not provide us the details, the design will be decided by us.

Same idea for your added balloon. Be specific on the design you would like in the “Order Notes” box at check out.

All sales are final and no changes are allowed.

So please be specific and we will try our best to accommodate your vision.

LED Lights on the balloon is also an optional ADD ON (fyi: lights added to balloon will add weight to the balloon.  Balloon may not float as high. Balloons in the surprise box can only be round – or else it will also not float)

This box is made so that when you open the box there is a surprise element inside.  We recommend adding a small bloom bear or large balloon to aid the surprise element unless you want to add your own item(s) inside.  When you add a balloon to the box, the balloon will float out of the box when you lift the lid of the box as the panels of the box will drop to create the surprise!

When selecting the Vinyl colour for the box please make sure you choose a colour that can be seen on the box colour. For example, please do not choose gold vinyl font colour for a gold box. You will not be able to see the text.

If you choose the black surprise box the word “Surprise” is already in gold on all 4 panels whereas all the other colours the word surprise is only on 2 panels (so we can fully design the 1 plain panel without the word “Surprise”).

The box itself, already has the word “Surprise” on two panels of the box so you do not need to request “Surprise” as the message on the box


To add the message to the box: Add this box to your cart, add your balloon or bear to the order, proceed and check out.  At the end of your check out at the end of your order there is a “Order Notes” box.  Please indicate what you would like to place as a message at the front of your box as well if this box if for a MALE or FEMALE so we can design it accordingly (cannot exceed 30 characters)

Also refrain from adding messages in a different language other than english or add symbols as we may not be able to add that message accurately.

Please visit out Instagram page @thelittlebloombox to see our surprise box in action!

***ALL pick up orders for the Surprise Box must be picked up on the date you choose for pick up.  If this does not work for you please choose delivery instead


Original price was: $55.00.Current price is: $40.00.

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Colour Options

Light Pink, White