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Spotify Bar Code Bubble

Spotify Bar Code Bubble

Our Spotify Bar Code Bubble is the modern way to send a song and message to your loved ones!

Now you can send a balloon with a message and a Spotify Bar Code of the song you wish your recipient to hear when they receive their balloon! With just a scan from their Spotify App they can listen to the surprise song that you have sent them.  Such a adorable way to brighten up their day.

This balloon is 16 inches in size. Balloon only comes in WHITE. You can include a custom message of your choice and also add a Spotify bar code to the bottom of the balloon so they can scan and play the song that you have sent.

In order to scan the bar code, the balloon must be held flat down as a paper on a table to be scanned. Once scanned the song will play right away! What a wonderful surprise!

The song you request us to place on your balloon MUST BE AVAILABLE ON SPOTIFY

If the song cannot be found or the title of the song is not accurate we will contact you for your instructions. Please double check your artist and song title to avoid delays.

All balloons are delivered contactless and arrives in a big plastic balloon bag.

All sales final.


***Disclaimer: we are not affiliated with Spotify.


Add the message you want on your balloon above the bar code: *

Choose the colour for your text : *

What kind of font would you like? *

Spotify Song: *

MUST include the ARTIST & SONG TITLE that is available on SPOTIFY (1 song)

Bar Code will be in black


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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Colour Options

Light Pink, White